Fractured - A physics-based game (ES/EN)

Submission for the GameDevTV Game Jam

Note: There's a input bug where if you press multiple movement directions  at once (diagonals), or keep holding it while the camera is rotating it can behave weird, as in moving in unwanted directions.

How to prevent: Use single inputs for movement (in example hold W to move in the camera direction, then stop pressing it and rotate the camera, then continue pressing W). 

About the game

You got launched from far, far away, and when landing got fractured, then broke into little pieces.  Your objective will be to gather them and hit that gong to proceed to the next levels (for now, only the tutorial and first level).
The game as of 0.0.2 features a tutorial level, and two levels.


  • Keyboard:
    • TAB: Swap Language (ES/EN)
    • WASD or arrow keys for movement (hold).
    • Brake: Left trigger or release movement keys.
    • Retry level: T.
    • Camera Left/Right: Q/E or Numpad 4/6.
    • Camera "zoom" Out/In: R/F or Numpad 8/2.
  • Controller:
    • Select: Swap Language (ES/EN).
    • Movement: Left Joystick.
    • Brake: Left trigger or release left joystick.
    • Retry level: Left Shoulder (L1/LB).
    • Camera: Right Joystick.


Fractured's source code: © 2022 by Csf91 is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0


PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Singleplayer, Unity


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