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La aventura de Pino es un juego estilo endless runner con un mapa generado de forma aleatoria.

Tras adentrarse demasiado en el bosque, Pino ha sido maldecido, haciendo que no pare crecerle la nariz, por lo que si Pino choca contra algún obstáculo, será incapaz de seguir avanzando y pasará a ser parte del bosque para siempre.

Las luciérnagas le ayudarán a contrarrestar la maldición, ayúdalo a recolectar tantas como puedas para llegar lo más lejos posible.

Compatible con Windows7/8/8.1/10/11(x64) y Linux (x64).


  • Movimiento: ← y → o A y D.
  • Salto: Espacio.
  • R: Saltar tutorial o reiniciar si mueres en la partida. 
  • Q: Reiniciar tutorial. 
  • ESC: Menú de pausa, ajustes de sonido y de idioma.

Agradecimientos y créditos:

  • Gracias a "Code Monkey" por su tutorial sobre niveles procedurales.
  • Gracias a "Brackeys" por su CharacterController2D, en el cual he basado mi controlador del personaje.
  • Música del pack "RPG Music Complete Collection" creada por Alec Weesner y obtenida con licencia comercial mediante Humble Bundle.
  • Sonido de pisadas en la hierba: https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc (CC0).
  • Sonido de recolección de las luciérnagas: Creado por WOWSound, adquirido con licencia de uso comercial mediante Humble Bundle.
  • Tileset "Super pixel meadow": Creado por "Will from unTied Games", adquirido con licencia de uso comercial mediante Humble Bundle.
  • Pino (Personaje principal): Diseñado por mí (Csf91) y adaptado al estilo gráfico del tileset.



La aventura de Pino is a endless runner kind of game, with random-generated worlds.

After adventuring too deep into the forest Pino has been cursed making his nose to grow endlessly, if he crashes against any obstacle he will be unable to keep running, becoming part of the forest forever.

The fireflies will help Pino counteracting the curse, help him get as many as you can on his way out of the forest to make it the furthest possible.

Compatible with Windows7/8/8.1/10/11(x64) and Linux (x64).


  • Movement: ← & → or A & D.
  • Jump: Space bar.
  • R: Skip tutorial or retry if game over.
  • Q: Restart tutorial. 
  • ESC: Pause menu, sound and language settings.

Credits and attributions:

  • Thank you to "Code Monkey" for his tutorial about procedural levels.
  • Thank you to "Brackeys" for his CharacterController2D, in which I've based the one being used in this project.
  • Music from the pack "RPG Music Complete Collection" created by Alec Weesner and acquired with commercial usage license through Humble Bundle.
  • Grass footsteps sound effect: https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc (CC0).
  • Firefly pickup sound effect: Created by WOWSound, acquired with commercial usage license through Humble Bundle.
  • Tileset "Super pixel meadow": Created by "Will from unTied Games", acquired with commercial usage license through Humble Bundle.
  • Pino (Main character): Designed by myself (Csf91) and adapted to the tileset's graphic style.


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Hello....I have watched the video of this game on Youtube. I think that this platform game looks really nice. Sure. I am quite curious. May I ask one question? Which programming language or software was used to make the game? Besides, the game doesn't provide English for players. If English is provided in the game, the popularity of the game will be increased. Yeah.

(1 edit)

Hello, i'm glad that you liked it!
Sorry for the delay as i was experiencing some PC issues last weeks (finally solved).

This was a game jam project, aimed to improve my skills by releasing the game in a given time, which after it, received a patch to fix gameplay issues reported by the players who tested it. 

It's going to take me some days to be able to get to do it, but sure, i will translate it to English! :)

The engine used is Unity, and the programming language is C#.

Have a happy 2022! :)

Hi.....thanks for telling me the details of your nice game! Thanks!!!
Good luck in 2022 !!!!!!!!!

You're welcome, and thank you :)

Hello! Whew, been a while.

Due to personal matters I've been more busy than expected and couldn't get to work on this as soon as I've wanted, so apologies for the delay.

Now the good news, the translation update is finally here!
Here's the devlog with the changes if you would like to take a look: https://csf91.itch.io/la-aventura-de-pino/devlog/363942/la-aventura-de-pino-is-n...

Cheers, and have fun! :)


Hello....sorry for my late reply. 

I played this game today. I only watched the video of this game before today. 

The game is really FUN. It is a traditional 2D platform game. However, a creative design is that the nose of the player's character can be lengthened. This increases the difficulty of playing the game because this character dies if the nose touches some things. I believe that many players treat this as an interesting and excellent challenge.  If the game allows players to start the game with 3 lives, most players may be happier.     

The background music is also nice because it can create a fantastic atmosphere in the game! It is suitable for this game. 

This Unity game surprises me because I always think that Unity games are 3D games. However, this game looks like a 100% 2D game. Unity is really versatile! 

It is quite an enjoyable game! Sure! 

(2 edits)

Thank you for the kind words and suggestions!

Please be sure that I'll take them in consideration, as of now I don't feel ready yet to publish and make a fully commercial game, so I want to focus on keep learning for a while, also to gather experience while i do so.

I do 100% agree with what you've said about the lives, and once I'm done with the learning part I'll revisit and evaluate if it's better to rewrite it from 0 (for polishing specially backend and future-proofing) or if it's viable to update and add the mechanics i had in mind for it, long term.

As for Unity... yeah, I'd say that if not the most versatile, at the very least is one of the most versatile engines. It has a lot of features but it also empowers developers to build their own tools for it, not just games or apps. (To put a example (Youtube link), you can even code a custom brush script for the tile map brush).

Have a nice day, and also sorry for the delay replying, I'll make sure i get the notifications since it failed to notify me this time :D